As the pandemic spread and the world went into lockdown, one company saw their growth skyrocket: Amazon.

Only in the third quarter of 2020, the online-retail giant tripled its profit, and saw its earnings increase by 37%. [1] Every year, the company ships billions and billions of packages [2] — at the expense of the environment.

According to a recent report by Oceana, Amazon produced an estimated 211 million kg of plastic packaging waste in 2019, contributing to a plastic crisis that is already out of control. [3] 

The corporation is greenwashing its way out of its environmental responsibilities by investing millions of dollars in recycling initiatives — when most recycling facilities in North America do not accept the types of plastics it uses. [4]

It’s time Amazon kicked their plastic addiction and truly tackled plastic pollution. Tell them to invest in plastic reduction and reusable packaging solutions. 





Tell Amazon to kick their plastic addiction

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