Canada’s single-use plastic ban tackles only about 3% of the plastic waste generated nationwide. [1] In its current state, the ban falls far short of matching the urgency and the scale of the worsening plastic waste and pollution crisis. The plastic industry has sold us a lie about plastic and we now know that we will never recycle our way out of our growing plastic problem. [2] 

We can’t curb plastic pollution without curbing plastic production. Canada must expand the current ban to include more polluting and toxic plastics.  

The federal government has repeatedly claimed that it's committed to beating plastic pollution and achieving zero plastic waste by 2030 [3], so let’s hold them to their promise.

Send an email to federal Environment and Climate Change Minister Guilbeault and Health Minister Duclos urging them to act now to #ExpandTheBan!


[1] The Liberal government's single-use plastic ban, explained 

[2] Plastic Recycling: That's Not A Thing

[3] Canada’s Zero Plastic Waste Agenda

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