We are quickly becoming Planet Plastic.

Canada’s recent plastic ban just doesn’t go far enough*, plastic recycling is a myth [1], and single-use alternatives like paper create other problems for people and our planet. [2]

The Canadian government has committed to achieve Zero Plastic Waste by 2030. Unless it invests in a major overhaul in how companies deliver our goods and services, our shopping carts, communities and ecosystems will continue to overflow with toxic plastic.

Reuse and Refill systems are needed to create a truly #ZeroPlasticWaste future!

The #ReuseRevolution is growing around the world. Some global governments already require reuse and refill for some packaging types and sectors. [3] Canada isn’t one of them.

To break free from our one-and-done, destruction-to-waste-production system, we need a national Reuse & Refill strategy, now!

Tell our Environment Minister, Steven Guilbeault, to urgently create a nation-wide, cross-sector reuse strategy that prioritizes:

  • reuse and refill targets that deprioritize plastic
  • accessible reuse and refill infrastructure
  • a just transition to reuse and refill systems 
  • support for businesses to adopt and scale reuse and refill models

*The federal government just banned 6 single-use plastic items. The banned items represent about 5% of so-called Canada’s plastic waste according to the draft regulations, and that percentage fell to 3% by the time the regulations were finalized.

[1] https://www.greenpeace.org/static/planet4-canada-stateless/1d30117a-greenpeacereport_plasticrecyclingthatsnotathing.pdf 
]2] https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/single-use-plastic-bag-alternatives-1.6511415
[3] https://www.greenpeace.org/international/story/51843/plastics-reuse-and-refill-laws/

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