Rampant old-growth logging in Quebec is pushing caribou to extinction. [1] In just a few decades, the Val d’Or (or “Golden Valley” in English) caribou population sharply dropped from 50 to 9 in number. In response, the Anishinabe First Nation of Lac Simon in western Quebec has a plan to protect the caribou and their habitat. [2]

Instead of listening to them, Quebec Forest Minister Pierre Dufour is plowing ahead with ongoing destruction and logging permits. [3] The same ministry threatened to let the herd die off in 2018. [4] 

In their conservation plan and proposed solutions, Lac Simon First Nation are asking for a moratorium on logging in caribou habitat to give the Val d’Or caribou a fighting chance at survival. [5] By ignoring the community’s wishes, Minister Dufour is failing in his duty to respect Indigenous rights and to protect biodiversity. [6] 

Tell Minister Dufour to stop logging the last good critical caribou habitat and start listening to Lac Simon First Nation! 


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