From April 23-29, Ottawa will host the fourth of five UN negotiations for a Global Plastics Treaty. The first three rounds were chaotic and dominated by Big Plastic trying to weaken the treaty’s ambitions. 

The clock is ticking but as host country, Canada now has the opportunity to help get negotiations on track and focused on what is critical to secure an impactful treaty - cutting plastic production. Sign the petition to ask the Canadian government to show leadership and help push a strong Global Plastics Treaty forward!

Plastic pollution is everywhere. It starts polluting the moment it's created, threatening ocean life, the climate, our health and our communities. [1][2] Microplastics pollution has now even been found in the air we breathe and the food we eat. [3] We need a solution that matches the scale of the problem and a global treaty on plastics can be that solution. 

A strong Global Plastics Treaty requires a holistic approach to ending the plastic pollution crisis, by:

  • cutting plastic production and use, and ending single-use plastics;
  • centering justice by ensuring that human rights and Indigenous Rights are upheld and the voices of all frontline, waste picker and other impacted communities are prioritized; 
  • ending plastic pollution across the whole life-cycle; and 
  • accelerating a just and inclusive transition to a low-carbon, zero-waste, reuse-based future.

Together, let’s make this a reality.  Ask the Canadian government to help end the age of plastic by championing a strong Global Plastics Treaty!





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