In just a few weeks, Northern Affairs Minister Dan Vandal will make a decision on an iron ore mine expansion in Nunavut [1], one that’s being strongly opposed by Inuit land defenders. Mining company Baffinland is behind the expansion, pushing forward with this dangerous proposal for its iron mine.

This mine expansion is a grave threat to local Inuit and the wildlife they depend upon for their food, livelihoods, and culture.

In fact, the Nunavut government’s own environmental assessment agency has recommended the expansion not proceed because of the potential for significant adverse effects on wildlife and Inuit. [2]

Inuit have been speaking out forcefully against the project. [3] Last year, Inuit land defenders peacefully blockaded the mine in opposition to the expansion plans, and solidarity protests were held all across Nunavut. [4]

Now they need your voice to back them up. It’s CRITICAL we get as many people as possible to speak up for Inuit rights and Arctic wildlife. 

Tell Minister Vandal to listen to Inuit land defenders, protect Arctic wildlife, and say NO to this dangerous mine expansion.

[1] Northern Affairs Minister Dan Vandal must visit Nuluujaat to meet with Inuit hunters before issuing decision on mine expansion

[2] Nunavut Impact Review Board rejects proposed Baffinland expansion

[3] Community reps oppose mine expansion at final day of Baffinland hearing

[4] Mine blockade sparks solidarity protests across Nunavut

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