How many times have you had to throw away your electronics — not because they weren’t fixable, but because repairing them was too cumbersome or too expensive?

Smartphones, computers, game consoles, cars and even agricultural or medical equipment... All this technology is now increasingly subject to “digital locks”, which block customers and independent repairers from fixing these devices.

It’s true. And to make matters worse, not only are some of our devices designed to have short life spans (planned obsolescence), but in some cases, manufacturers are standing in the way of your right to repair your own stuff.

All of these measures are having massive environmental and economic impacts. Higher consumption, short product life cycles and few options for repair have made electronic waste the fastest-growing type of waste in the world. [1]

But a global movement for the right to repair is growing. The European Union and a number of states in the U.S. are working to restore the right to repair for consumers.

It is time for Canada to update its legislation to protect our right to repair and push back against planned obsolescence.

The more people who speak out, the more chance we have of making change happen. Add your voice: support the right to repair in Canada now!


Repairing devices should be easy and affordable. Let’s make it happen!

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