Before the Covid-19 crisis, 1 in 8 households [1] in Canada was facing food insecurity, while the World Food Program estimates that acute hunger will almost double within the year. [2] 

At the same time, Canada is amongst the biggest food wasters on the planet. A staggering 60% of food produced in the country is lost or wasted [3] , contributing to 56.5 M tonnes of CO2 emissions per year [4] . This is all-around bad for people, the climate and the economy.

In this context, supermarkets throw out tonnes of high quality, edible, unsold food every day.

That is why Greenpeace volunteers are calling on Metro, Sobeys and Loblaw's President and CEOs to commit to a zero edible food waste target. Giant supermarket chains have a corporate responsibility to reduce their carbon footprint and a social responsibility to do their bit to help the millions of Canadians facing food insecurity.

Support Greenpeace volunteers and ask Canada’s supermarket giants to do their part.