Since Brazil’s far-right President Jair Bolsonaro came to power, the world has watched in horror as increasingly large areas of the Amazon forest have gone up in flames.

The fires are no accident. The Amazon is set on fire deliberately to clear land for agriculture, to meet the world’s demand for cheap meat and other products. These devastating fires are increasing as Bolsonaro slashes protections for the environment and Indigenous rights in Brazil, giving free reign to ranchers and land-grabbers to destroy the rainforest. [1]

Despite opposition from human rights activists, farmers, physicians, political parties and environmentalists,  we have learned that our government STILL plans to sign a free trade agreement with Bolsonaro that would increase Brazilian meat exports - the lead driver of Amazon fires - by $1.8 BILLION annually. [2] 

If this goes through, the Canadian government will be fuelling even more fires in the Amazon.

Our government needs to show leadership and make it clear that our country and Canadians won’t accept goods that come at the cost of Indigenous rights and rainforest destruction.

This is urgent. If deforestation and fires continue, the entire rainforest will hit an irreversible tipping point. [3] 

Send a message to the minister of Foreign Affairs Mélanie Joly: prioritize the Amazon rainforest! Canada needs to immediately halt the Canada-Mercosur free trade negotiations and speak up for Amazon protection.




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