RBC is the largest financier of fossil fuels in Canada (and the fifth largest in the world)! They present themselves as an exemplary bank who wants to take climate action, but at the same time they’re investing billions of dollars in destructive fossil fuel projects [99% of their energy finance in fact], that violate Indigenous rights and drive the climate crisis. But ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! It’s time to call out RBC for their dirty investments. They call themselves the Royal Bank of Canada, as it stands they're more like the "Fossil Bank of Canada".

As RBC’s Annual General Meeting comes up on April 5, it’s time to amp up the pressure. Join us and call RBC to tell them they need to divest from fossil fuels and uphold and respect Indigenous rights. The more people call, the harder it will be for RBC to ignore us. Bring your concerns and disappointments directly to this #FossilBank by following these next couple of steps.


Be direct, but polite & courteous: The purpose of the phone call is to raise an issue about the bank’s business practices. It’s important to show your concerns, but to avoid profanity as well.

Name Position Number
Dave McKay President + CEO 416-974-4475
John Stackhouse Senior Vice President 416-476-6911
Jeff Lanthier Director of media relations 416-903-7388
Derek Neldner Group Head, RBC Capital Markets 212-847-9112
Doug Guzman Group Head, Wealth Management and Insurance 416-842-7680
Greg Skinner Director of Wealth Management 416-294-5579
Ali Najafi Global Director, Diversity and Inclusion 416-816-9022

Call script for inspiration (feel free to use your own)

  • Introductions: Hello, I am a concerned [customer/parent/person] calling to ask that RBC do the right thing and stop investing in fossil fuel projects
  • Fossil fuels projects pose a direct threat to many Indigenous communities and other frontline communities, and they are fueling the climate crisis.
    • RBC is currently ignoring the Indigenous leaders who have not given consent to pipelines on their lands. This can change. For example, the Coastal GasLink project - a pipeline expansion on unceded Wet’suwet’en land - has already affected fish habitat and is expected to impact water quality; the TransMountain Expansion pipeline would also pose a significant threat to the future of endangered Southern Resident killer whales.
  • I hope the bank will divest from fossil fuels and invest in our common future
    • Right now, only 1% of your energy financing goes to renewables - if you’re as committed to net-zero as you claim to be, this has to change. No more words – we need concrete climate action.
  • HSBC committed to stop funding new fossil fuel projects and I believe RBC can do the same and set the tone in Canada by showing other banks the importance of fighting for the planet, not against it. I’m looking forward to seeing RBC take action. Thank you!

Don’t forget to sign our petition holding RBC accountable for their role in fueling the climate crisis and to check out our RBC spoof ad generator. You can also join a rally near you on April 1st for Fossil Fools Day and join the Indigenous delegation for a panel discussion on the eve of RBC’s 2023 AGM. For more events, check out this website.


Were you able to reach a RBC representative?

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