UPDATE: We delivered a powerful message directly to Minister Freeland. 21,353 people across Canada have called on the government to impose a windfall tax on Canadian fossil fuel companies. The invaluable support of people like you made this happen!

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Fossil fuel companies are driving up inflation – and laughing all the way to the bank forcing you to pay more for everything. [1] It’s time to call the cost-of-living crisis by its true name: Fossilflation. [2]

While Canadians struggle to put food on the table, and meet their basic needs, oil and gas companies are posting sky-high profits. [3] These extra billions are coming out of your pocket when YOU pay higher prices at the pump, and when other companies pass on their increased fuel costs to YOU through higher sticker prices on food and necessities.

And where are these billions going? Directly into shareholder bonuses and share buybacks. 

This profiteering off a global crisis at the expense of our planet and the most vulnerable must be stopped. We urgently need a Windfall Tax (a tax on excess profits accumulated by an industry as a result of a global geopolitical crisis) that redirects excess fossil fuel profits to:

  • Put money back into the pockets of Canadians to cover basic necessities like food, housing and transportation

  • Invest in climate solutions like better public transit, electric vehicles and heat pumps that lower energy bills, fight climate change and reduce our exposure to spiking oil and gas prices [4]

Calls for oil and gas companies to pay their fair share are growing: The UK, Spain, Italy and the EU have already announced their plans for Windfall Taxes on fossil fuel profits to bring immediate relief to people struggling with soaring costs. [5] But so far, Canada’s Ministry of Finance is not following their lead. [6]

The measures currently on the table to help Canadians are not enough. We need to send a clear message: truly supporting Canadians with the cost-of-living crisis means taxing greedy fossil fuel companies profiteering off the suffering of everyday people – and the destruction of our planet.

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