2023 was the hottest summer ever recorded. Wildfires, floods, and heatwaves have harmed lives and livelihoods across the world, starting right here in so-called Canada. [1][2][3][4] 

The climate crisis is driving this trend, and our dependence on fossil fuels is the main cause of the problem. But instead of reducing their emissions, fossil fuel companies have expanded production, amassed record profits, and lobbied governments to pollute with impunity. [5][6][7][8][9]

It's time we hold these polluters accountable.

This December’s international climate conference (COP28) is the opportunity to push for a global agreement to reduce emissions as countries from around the world gather to discuss climate action. An oil executive is chairing the conference, so now, more than ever, all eyes are on the fossil fuel elephant in the room. [10]

To prevent the worst consequences of climate change and work towards climate justice, we need to tackle the root cause of the problem – fossil fuels – and address the unavoidable damage that the climate crisis will provoke. The federal government must:

  • Commit to a full, fast, and fair phase-out of fossil fuels
  • Make Canadian fossil polluters pay a climate damages tax to finance the UN Loss and Damage fund, which will be directed to communities facing the impacts of climate change.

We must urge Canada to come to COP28 ready to pay its climate debt and act as a climate leader. We cannot afford any more delays while lives, land and livelihoods are already being lost.

The world will become increasingly unsafe if we keep burning fossil fuels.

Tell Minister Freeland and Minister Guilbeault to commit to a phase-out of fossil fuels and hold polluters accountable by imposing a climate damages tax on Big Oil at COP28.


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