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Time Remaining






The Global Ocean Treaty needs 60 countries to sign it into Law by 2025.

Act now to make sure Canada is one of them!


Canada committed to protecting 30% of the global oceans by 2030. In March, a Global Ocean Treaty was agreed that can pave the way for a network of ocean sanctuaries in the global oceans. But the work isn’t done yet: to turn handshakes into conservation action, we need at least 60 countries to sign the Treaty into law.


Our oceans are teetering on the brink of collapse. A Global Ocean Treaty signed into law can help because it:


- enables global governments to create protected areas in the oceans beyond the individual control of any one country;

- prevents harmful exploitation and promotes the recovery and resilience of marine life and ecosystems;

- promotes improved governance of the world's oceans; and, provides a more equitable approach to ocean management.

Canada must act urgently to ratify the Treaty to secure 30x30 (30% of the oceans protected by sanctuaries by 2030) and a brighter future for our blue planet.

Add your name now to help us reach our goal of signatures!